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Zakti Yoga Mat - 100% Eco Friendly Yoga Mat - Recommended for hot yoga
This design was created to inspire in you the strength and stability of an #elephant during your practice. Once this powerful creature sets on his path he is unstoppable- we want to inspire the same spirit in you with this #yoga mat. Built to last a lifetime, this mat is eco-friendly and made using natural materials- Mother Earth thanks you. Namaste. Comes with a FREE yoga mat strap to make your mat easy to carry! https://www.spiritualwarr...ts/products/zakti-yoga-mat
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Excel Guest House (Bhuwaneswar) - Comfortable Accommodations for the Budget Conscious. President of India Award Winner.
All rooms have King or Queen Size beds with split Air Conditioner, Cable TV, telephone, refrigerators, separate dressing room. A Dining Room serving Indian & Chinese Cuisine. Lobby Places for discussion, working & reading. A working room with Wi-Fi, coffee & fast food facility. Nearby attractions - #Konark Sun #Temple, Jagannath Temple (Puri) and the Chandaka #Elephant Sanctuary. Excel Home Guest House, Plot No. 357, Kolathia,Khandagiri, Bhubaneswar. Phone: 0674 2470789
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A holiday camp for India's captive elephants
Once a year, some of India's captive #elephants are whisked off to a "rejuvenation camp", where they are pampered and cared for by their caretakers. Omkar Khandekar visited one such retreat in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. #wildlife
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These heartbreaking images show how India is slowly killing its elephants
India has the world’s largest population of wild Asian #elephants. It also has a colossal human-animal conflict problem.
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6 takeaways from a trip to complex, scenic, colorful India
Before traveling to India, I realized what I knew about the country pretty much boiled down to this: the #TajMahal. #Elephants. Garlic naan. The payoffs in our travels to cities and rural areas were tremendous, though this is a journey perhaps not for everyone.
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Elephants and tigers kill one human a day in India, as growing population squeezes habitat
Endangered #elephants and #tigers are killing one person a day in India as humans put a growing squeeze on their habitat, according to new government figures. But man is in turn killing a leopard a day as the man-animal tussle for space reaches new heights.
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Tiger attempts to attack elephant in northern India before retreating
An amazing video of a #tiger attempting to attack an #elephant in northern India. The video, filmed at Jim Corbett National Park on November 17, shows the big cat resting in the long grass at the side of the road while an elephant and a jeep wait further up the track.
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Torrential Rains Strand Wayward Indian Elephant in Bangladesh
A wayward wild #elephant from northeast India was washed hundreds of miles down the Brahmaputra River into Bangladesh during torrential flooding earlier this summer, and is now marooned there, despite efforts by the Bangladeshis to repatriate it. #Wildlife
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Duke and Duchess of Cambridge feed baby elephants during Indian safari
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge fed baby #elephants and baby rhinos on Wednesday as they learnt about life on the front line of the battle against poaching at a #wildlife reserve in India.
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Eight-day Mumbai to Delhi trip travels through western India
The Maharaja Express, which caters to luxury travelers seeking to explore the vast country with style and ease, arrives at a new station every morning for off-rail excursions. The eight-day Mumbai to Delhi trip travels through western India with sightseeing stops at Udaipur palaces, an #elephant #polo match near Jaipur and a #tiger safari through Ranthambore National Park. #IndianRailways
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India: Travel & Tourism
The 300-square-mile Periyar Sanctuary in #Kerala is nestled in the high ranges of the Western Ghats. Nearly 200 land and water bird varieties flourish within the sanctuary, as do the ever-visible herds of #elephant, wild boar, chital and gaur. The park is also a haven for garden and monitor lizards, king cobra, python and the flying species of lizard, snake and frog. #wildlife
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